Fleece Jumper "Amberley" Paisley maternity and nursing

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For maternity and nursing
Composition: polarfleece (100% polyester) density 240гр/m2.
Product length: 80 cm
sleeve length: 70 cm
SKU: БI1\1
Manufacturer: I love mum
2300 ₽
1850 ₽

This hard-wearing sweatshirt is made of closely woven fleece fabric. Blind zippers are gesigned for discreet nursing. 

Its loose style is perfect for the pregnancy period. 

Drawstring turtle neckline protects from wind. A kangaroo pocket comes useful for little things.

Fleece is synthetic wool fabric that is made of polyester fiber. It is soft, breathable, heat-retaining, anti-static and nonallergic. Unlike green fabrics it carries water away and provides comfort.

You can wear it before and after pregnancy and breast-feeding as well.   

Article length: 80 cm, sleeve length: 70 cm.

Model’s height: 178 cm.
Size: 42


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