Fleece envelope (pocket) Daisy pink for children from 0 to 12 months

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Size 0-12 months (up to 80cm)
SKU: AV3\2кор.
1800 ₽

Our pocket is stitched from soft, fine fleece, has kapusany and branches for the legs, thereby protecting the child's head and allowing it to remain quite flexible. It will be very useful for any mom as it is multifunctional. The pocket can be used in stroller, car seat, sling or just while walking on his hands.
Specially designed pockets allows you to fasten the baby when necessary, without Stripping it; to lift baby, or, conversely, to wrap up without wasting time with endless clasps and disguises.
Delicate fabric texture will not leave indifferent neither one child, and the convenience and ease of use will facilitate active moms traveling with their crumbs.

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