Dress-DSP-16-50 gray khaki with flounce

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Fabric: dress

Back length: 85-90 cm
SKU: A III 1\2
Manufacturer: DS (Donna-Saggia)
2500 ₽

Cocktail dress with original delicate flounce. Trapezoidal silhouette of the dress will hide any figure flaws. Due to the wide flounce on the shoulders of the dress looks very romantic and sexy. Complements your dress belt. In this dress you will not remain unnoticed.

Flounce - here is another fashionable trend of the season spring-summer 2016. A few tips will help you to feel flounces like a fish in water (or the mermaid in the waves).

The ruffle is beautiful, gentle, feminine and airy. There are many varieties of them, and every girl will be able to find among them some that will fit her figure.

Original version - the flounces on the shoulders, your chances of not get to the point, are negligible.

Light, stiff, flowing, structured, three-dimensional or modest, whatever they were, they fit any figure. and a beautiful silhouette.

This is a good way to accentuate the line of her arms, and it is suitable even for those for whom the area of the hands and forearms is one of the reasons for the complexes.

Even if you don't allow yourself to leave the hands completely exposed, and the question you have not even discussed, soft flowing ruffles are a great alternative to sleeves.

If your intention is "to draw" a clear line of the shoulders, stop the choice on the hard flounces, resembling epaulets. Volume at shoulder level always adds to the character of the representation, the posture becomes majestic, like a Queen.

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