Turtleneck Lady turquoise

In stock
For maternity and nursing
Composition:5% Elastane, 95% viscose .
Product length: 63-65 cm.
Sleeve length: 60 cm.
Manufacturer: I love mum
1200 ₽
590 ₽

Turtleneck Lady turquoise for maternity and nursing in beutiful turquoise color from I Love Mum is ideal for nursing period. Band-collar, fitted cut and hard-wearing length make your bearing graceful. A cut up under bust on the elastic rubber makes easy access to the bust for child. It looks beautiful during pregnancy period, rubber under bust emhpasizes it, good length perfectly hides growing belly. 

Cozy turtleneck for pregnant and nursing mums. 

The model emphasizes womanish figure and hides some deffects of the figure which can appear after childbirth

A turtleneck has sone ligth wrinkles under bust

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