Each person is unique.

We in UralMam want him to find a fashion that suits him.

Since its establishment in 2010 as a distance trading company, the company follows a successful course. An important prerequisite for our achievements is our desire to follow our own path. For 7 years, UralMama has been democratizing fashion thanks to the consistently affordable price level and high quality requirements for goods. Everyone, regardless of his financial position and size of clothes, can afford to dress in accordance with modern trends of fashion and his own unique style.

2010 year. Establishment of UralMama Company

2011-14 The company creates branches in 9 largest cities of the Russian Federation

2016 Entering the international market. We cross borders and introduce our products in Germany and Poland.

2017 The company starts working in the Czech Republic, Slovakia.

2018 The company starts working in the market of France, Belgium, Switzerland

We can ship your order anywhere in the world.

In our catalog, you see really practical and no less beautiful and elegant things! Everything we sell is tested with pleasure for you and your children!

The range of the shop can be roughly divided into several categories:

• Maternity and nursing clothing. All clothes are the secret of food - the solution of technology, it is not noticeable and allows you to feed your baby in all, even the most populated of the place imperceptibly. More than others can see, it is a baby, who cling to his mother - in - law, the process remains a mystery. Clothes sewn by the big Russian companies under the brands: I love Mom, Mom Yammy and many others (the list is constantly expanding).

• Clothes for elegant and romantic nature. Beautiful, stylish, fashionable and very comfortable dress of the 1001dress workshop designer. In recent years, these dresses have gained extraordinary popularity and the love of thousands of fashionistas. In the evening, casual or a dress for the office .. it is up to you, put in the basket as many outfits as you want to try, we will bring you everything at home! At the dress or other game, you can pick up a strap or bag, which are also featured in this section of the catalog.

• Ergonomic backpacks -port, also called a backpack carrier. Assistant moms (daddies and anyone who carries the baby in his arms) allow you to carry the baby in frog position (butt below the knees) as if you were holding him, free your hands and evenly distribute the baby weight on the back and hip of a parent - the weight feels like your own.

Our product range is constantly expanding - all new items can be found in our catalog. We work for you and try continuously to improve the quality of our services, thank you for helping us in this area - we are happy to receive your comments and suggestions: what products or services do you want to see in our shop!

We will be happy to see you among our regular customers, for which we have developed a flexible system of discounts!