Pencil skirt DSU-26-6 black

In stock
Fabric: suiting
Length: 62 cm
SKU: ЕI 1-2 слева
Manufacturer: DS (Donna-Saggia)
2900 ₽
2290 ₽

My favorite skirt business women – pencil skirt – also popular in the autumn-winter 2015/2016. Probably, it was not even the season, when it went out of fashion, because this skirt has become a kind of must-have-om any modern ladies. Due to its style, these skirts allow women to look sexy, but at the same time business-like.

Black is a universal color. It fits perfectly in a simple and festive style.

Color, passing from generation to generation, preserving their value, their strength – black, continues its triumphant March on podiums. It is impossible to overestimate the importance and significance of black, it perfectly corrects imperfections of the figure, is appropriate in any situation and finds a common language with all the accessories.

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